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With a slide show at the top and a video below, pause, put the kettle on, grab a drink and stay a while.

Showing all our glory

More Than a Mooring

Fairies Hill and Altofts Cut pride themselves on being more than a mooring.  As Boaters we have strived to make this a place that we would want to visit.  With friendly, helpful staff ready to give advice or assistance if you require it, to having a variety of non boating facilities that allow you to relax if you don't want to cruise.  No one is forced into doing anything they don't want to.  A visit to your boat is your time, to cruise, sit and chill, carry out minor repairs/maintenance or join in an impromptu gathering of like minded souls in a party on the communal area.  What you do is up to you but with friendly staff and other boaters it is easy to make new friends and join in if you feel like it

Not So Easy Relaxation

Not had a hard days work but still want to visit without taking out the boat.  No problem, we cater for that too.

Easy Relaxation

Having tarried a while watching the slide show and the video, time has passed by and you didn't realise how long you have been watching.  That's the magic of Fairies Hill casting its spell over you.  Now is the time to cut the ties give us a call, check for a space and arrange to move your boat.

The current video shows both sites at winter rest.  As spring arrives a new video will show the site beginning to bloom for the new season throwing off the web of winter cold, some of our hardier souls still come down and cruise throughout the winter